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Working process

Generally it takes 8-10 weeks to complete your order. I’m always booked for some time ahead and always have a line so please order as earlier as you can! Better to do it at least 3 moths before your show.

70% deposit is required before the start of any commissioned design.

First of all I make a sketch based on all your wishes/ideas/preferences or inspirational costumes by other designers. Please take into concideration that I do NOT make copies of mine or other’s designs.

Then we discuss every particular detail of your future masterpiece. I start working only then everything is certain. And the deposit done, of course 🙂

After placing the order you will get the list of measurements required for making a costume.

Sneak peeks of working process are not available but feel free to message me if I’m silent for a while! Sometimes I have too much on my plate.

Payment and shipping

I accept PayPal, PaySend ( the cheapest and the fastest option), MoneyGram and Western Union. In case of PayPal customer also covers 5% fee. Bank transfer option   ( via SWIFT) is also available!

For shipping generally I use EMS Priority air mail. Orders are usually delivered within 10-16 business days from the time of shipment. However, it can sometimes take up to 8 full weeks, depending on how long your country takes to clear the package and it cannot be controlled by me. Also any delivery delays or custom stucks are out of my control.

I do not ship with carriers like FedEx, UPS, DHL etc .They cost an arm and a leg and requires too much documents from me. Here in Russia it’s too complicated process.

Shipping cost depends on weight and starts from 50$ for EMS and 10$ for regular post (ETA is 14 days to eternity).

It is important to note that I do not have control over fees you may incur from your local customs office. If you have any concerns about customs fees, duties, or import taxes, please contact your local customs office ahead of time and let me know before I fill in your invoice.

All sales are final!

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