Hi there!

My name is Yana Novikova

… and I’m happy to introduce you my bellydance fashion studio from Saint Petersburg, Russia.

I have been producing costumes and accessories for oriental dance since 2007 when I started bellydance. I needed a costume and had no idea where I can get one, so I decided to make it myself! That’s how it all started. First I made costumes only for myself but it wasn’t enough so I started getting orders from other dancers to fulfill my passion for designing, creating and making blingy outfits.

As a dancer, I completely understand every aspect of bellydance costume. I know how to fit it to your curves and how to make it as comfortable as your favorite pyjamas.

My mind is always overflooded with ideas! Feel free to message me if you have something in your mind you want to bring into life OR especially if you don’t! It would be my pleasure to help you and make your shining dream come true.

On this website you can find gallery of all my previous works, how-to-order info, videos from my fashion shows and links to other resourses where we can get in touch.

My name is Yana Novikova
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